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Bannos Swagger






Bannos Swagger is a homegrown loungewear brand that brings a fresh and unique appeal to home comfort wear, making lounging stylish and fun. Made in India, they have a pulse on international design and the latest trends.


Bannos swagger approached us with one all-inclusive goal- to give them a seamless online presence and increase the conversion rate of their users. The challenge is to design a e-commerce website that curates new design that should be a complete overhaul for online presence and specializes in the niche fashion segment.


Webchirpy took a deep dive into the Bannos Swagger DNA, understanding their target audience and identifying their core strengths. We crafted a website that pulsed with the vibrant energy of the Bannos Swagger brand. Bold visuals, playful copy, and a user-friendly interface created an immersive experience tailored specifically for their audience. Intuitive navigation, clear product information, and a streamlined checkout process made navigating the platform a breeze. We eliminated unnecessary steps and confusing elements, ensuring a smooth journey from browsing to buying which ultimately increased the conversion rate.

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