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Pixel Entertainment






Pixel Entertainment is an Independent Film Production Company Based in Mumbai.


When Pixel Entertainment approached Webchirpy, they wanted more than just a logo they wanted an identity that mirrored their passion and resonated with their audience. The challenge lay in capturing the essence of a multifaceted production company within a single visual. The logo needed to be modern yet timeless, and most importantly, evoke the magic of cinema at its core.


We rose to the challenge with a logo that was modern. We integrated a movie reel into the letter "P" of "Pixel Entertainment," creating a visual metaphor for the company's core essence – transforming pixels into captivating narratives. The font choice was clean and modern, reflecting Pixel's forward-thinking approach. Beyond the logo, we crafted a comprehensive branding package that extended Pixel's visual identity across all touchpoints. From sleek business cards, letterheads, and social media graphics, every element resonated with the same pixel-perfect polish. This cohesive brand identity ensured that Pixel Entertainment's message was clear and consistent.
The collaboration between Pixel Entertainment and Webchirpy resulted in a brand identity that is as unique and captivating as the films they produce.

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