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With a state-of-art 3D printing and expertise in 3D technologies, 3D ME provides highly customized consumer products. As the name indicates it is focusing on individual nature. They will turn customer’s ideas into reality with their servicing capabilities. 3D WE, a Social Enterprise aim to build collaborative platform for people to engage in mutually benefiting activities. Also promote awareness and interest in new technologies in 3D printing. It is a sister concern of 3D ME. We are branding these two with symbiotic relationship with each other.


3D ME approached us for a fresh Logo design and Branding for their both brands. We embraced the opportunity to diversify the logo designs with drastically different styles meanwhile maintaining consistency in ideology.


Eight final designs emerged for each brand. Each logo was a meticulous blend of aesthetics and purpose, carefully crafted to embody the company's core values. For 3D ME, the chosen logo was a dynamic, three-dimensional cube, its vibrant colors and playful angles reflecting the company's spirit of personalized possibilities.

Both 3D ME and 3D WE were thrilled with their respective logos, finding them to be perfectly in tune with their brand identities. The logos not only resonated with the companies' target audiences but also fueled a sense of pride and ownership amongst their teams. For 3D ME and 3D WE, the new logo boosted brand recognition and customer engagement, attracting individuals eager to turn their imaginations into reality.

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