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Agastih Analytics is a strategy execution specialist. They establish an analytics-based framework for defining change and implementing strategy. They work alongside Owners / Boards / CEOs to drive strategy implementation. And, specialize in difficult change situations such as Turnaround, Rapid scale-up, and Leadership transition.


When Agastih Analytics approached Webchirpy, they needed more than just a logo refresh. They sought a complete branding overhaul that reflected their unique position as strategic execution partners. The challenge lay in capturing the essence of their complex value proposition within a concise and impactful brand identity. We needed to create a brand that conveyed both the intellectual rigor of their analytical approach and the collaborative nature of their partnerships.


We delved deep into the company's core values, understanding their unwavering commitment to data-driven insights, strategic agility, and a collaborative spirit. This foundation then informed the visual language. A clean and contemporary logo was crafted, symbolizing precision and clarity of thought. The color palette, dominated by calming blues, reflected both the analytical prowess and the growth-oriented mindset of Agastih Analytics. We also created a comprehensive suite of branding materials, including letterheads, visiting cards, and presentation templates, ensuring consistency and professionalism across all touchpoints.
We are proud to be a part of Agastih Analytics' journey and look forward to their continued success.

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