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Giveaways – The way of showing our love and gratitude to you.

Hi folks! We have planned weekly giveaways of designer posters, icon sets, mobile/desktop wallpapers, tees and more.

Amidst all busy schedule & clients work, we put part of our time and effort in creating these giveaway designs & materials. You might wonder why we are doing this, the answer is simple… because why not, why not spread the goodness of design, why not bend some rules, why not embed value into everyone’s life through design, this is the least we can do for being in the creative industry. You can call it “giving back to the community”, only our community being little large, it consists of you, me and all who have a taste for design. You know what’s in it for us, Creative freedom & Satisfaction. Not every work is meant to monetised. Not every design we do is to feed our stomach, sometimes we design to feed our soul.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
– Mother Teresa

This is what keeps us alive and this is what keeps us open to experimentation, learning & growth.

More giveaways are on the way..so stay tuned.! Do let us know in the comments your thoughts & suggestions.

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