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5 Must Follow Social Media Marketing Tips That Works For Every Brand

Right platform & audience

Choose the right platform depending on what kind of audience you serve – whether you are B2B or B2C, what goals you want to achieve through your social media efforts – like to increase brand awareness, sell products online or to increase video views.

Here’s a list of hot social media platforms and their audience type.

  • Facebook – Almost everyone has a Facebook account. Particularly good for news/entertainment related content.
  • LinkedIn – A professional network that is perfect for B2B audiences. Great for establishing contacts, recruiting, content publishing and distributing.
  • Instagram – If you have millennials as your target segment then Instagram is an incredibly valuable social platform. Also, a perfect platform if your content is highly visual. Images and short videos work incredibly well on this platform.
  • Twitter – From the latest news or the latest meme you can find anything on twitter. It’s a great platform to engage in real time with your audience and has a high chance of making your content going viral than other platforms.

Content Plan

Post relevant & high-quality images. Make a definitive content plan and strict to it. Keep your content valuable to the audience, make sure they derive some value out of the post.

Your ideal content plan should consist of 70% non-promotional posts and 30% promotional posts. There is nothing wrong in promoting your product but it has to be done in a non-spammy way, by keeping the direct marketing posts to a bare minimum. Design posts in advance and schedule them accordingly. Analyse what’s performing well and what’s not and make changes to the content plan accordingly. Do more of what’s working out well.

Beer Facts and Tips are part of social media marketing plan that Webchirpy designed and executed for Leon Beer India Instagram.

Establishing authenticity

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of other similar brands trying to do the same. But you can always stand-out if you take some extra efforts. This can be done by following specific design guidelines and brand voice for all your brand posts such that audience can instantly recognise your brand from the way your posts have been designed and from the tone of the language used in the caption. This will help you a long way in establishing a strong brand identity in the crowded online place.

Instagram profile consisting of posts following common design guideline


Social media is one of the most cost-effective and ROI trackable sources of ad medium in the current scenario. But promoting a poorly designed or not well-targeted ad is like throwing money down the drain, you’ll get nothing fruitful out of it. Decide your desired outcome out of the promotion and choose the promotion plan accordingly, like brand awareness, link click or reach. Make use of audience segmentation, demographics or geo-location targeting. When you combine a certain type of these filters, you will be able to reach to get the most relevant audience or potential customers which will, in turn, increase your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Geo targeting ad option in facebook

Being active

Engage with the audience, reply to their comments. Be active and social. We have seen many brands after putting in all the efforts and garnering comments, do the dire mistake of not engaging back with the community. This will make the audience lose interest in page over time and your brand may have lost a lifetime loyal customer. Just simple things like replying back can leave a huge impact on your audience.

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