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10 Things To Keep In Mind For Your Business Card Design

Too Small too Big:

Smaller card can go unnoticed at the same time a bigger card might not fit in the wallet so both could go unnoticed! So choose your size carefully – prefer standard size. The standard dimensions of a printed business card are 3.5 x 2 inches. That’s the finished card size. In the metric system, the standard business card size is 8.9 x 5.1 cm (centimeters) or 88.9 x 50.8 mm (millimeters).


Your overall colour and design of the business card should align with your brand elements and style. Read more on branding. Some people have very small font for the important details like phone number/email – no use of the card then because more than half of the people you hand-out your card will probably be aged and will struggle to read smaller texts, also card with no contrast color for background against the text will worsen the readability further.

Content is the king:

If the card doesn’t convey what you do? Plz dontwaste your money printing it. Have the services u do in a simple term that everyone can understand, keep contact info prominent. Make sure we are not stuffing too much content in the card.


Most people don’t give importance to proof read the card before printing, this is the very important step and should not be skipped, a typo or misalignment, missing of important info will ruin the card totally.

Material is the queen:

All good things can go in vain if the customer feels a cheap stupid card in their hand, choose the print material wisely glossy/mate etc. Choose the one that align with your design theme.

Downloading from the free sources:

Printing directly from press or downloading from the internet is on raise now, so most people have very similar card. There is a chance that a customer will end up with 2 cards of different companies with the same design. So spend time deciding your card and come up with a unique card.

For example, in our Webchirpy business card, we explained how we designed our logo, this makes our card unique and at the same time explain the workflow of our business which is designing.

webchirpy business card

Print quantity:

Printing more card seems beneficial but it is generally a wrong assumption, how frequent we are going to give card -1 card per day, that way we can give only 365 cards. So how long it will take for you to give your 5000 cards ? 16 years. By that time not only your design but your business will be outdated. Numbers matter. So, Choose wisely. Print the right quantity and update your card regularly. Reach us to get your card updated.

Social media:

Social media is nowadays a key medium to build brand awareness, credibility and for marketing. People have also started contacting businesses through social media, you can respond to your client queries and concerns right then & there and win back their trust & loyalty. It is now a must to add social media links.

Get updated – Use QR:

With almost all people having smartphones – QR scanning is what that can instantly connect your physical business material to your digital world. It can be used to take the audience instantly your website, specially designed landing page, social media profile etc.,

Whatsapp Business:

With arrival of Whatsapp for Business, now it’s such an ease to be in touch with your audience and share the content or marketing materials directly with them. It’s unconventional approach and quick response time make it the most preferred choice for the users. So, don’t forget to include your business whatsapp number in your business card.

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