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Delora Jones, a woman owned cruelty-free beauty brand that put Indian skin tone front and center of all their products. Also, It Stands for its commitment towards reinventing luxury cosmetics. It was established in 2019 with a focus on modern design and exceptional functionality. The products are crafted to be highly performing while effortless to apply.


A complete branding was needed to match and elevate the formulating products look and feel. Then, a custom ui ux based website design to sell through e-commerce and gain market share online. Delora Team have provided all required assistance to get through all necessary steps in branding and Website Design. Here is how we helped high end cosmetics brand by luxe branding and UI UX website design to build a rapport with their customers.


A strong beauty brand relies on new thinking and varied perspectives and Delora Jones have that perspective. We understood the finer details of developing a successful luxury brand. We began looking at the project from a customer engagement standpoint. We build a solid main branding concept, the logo with the letter "d" finely drawn leaves at the top of the circle which is around the letter "d" with the brand name below it. This implies growth and also fits with the product's performance aspect. The logo easily flex with packaging or web visuals. Then we moved on to packaging, a luxury golden touch which was appealing to the mass market and then moved to website design, something bold to represent their products and journey. we have created a robust solution by collaborating creative design, ui ux perspective and latest technologies.

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