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PyCon India 2019




Chennai, Tamilnadu


PyCon India is an international premier conference for python enthusiasts round the nation to unite, share knowledge and cherish memorable experiences.


PyCon India is organized every year by Python communities and user groups all across India as a way to pool their experience and expertise into making a more successful, more accessible conference every year. But the branding hasn't quite been on par. In order to set the right tone, they need to step up their event's visual and digital design completely.


We created a concept that captures the vibrancy of event and place it takes place (Chennai). We drew inspiration from the best attractions in Chennai and python language. We let the simplicity of Icon, boldness of patterns and colors build the story. We have used a multitude of elements, modern typefaces which are really translated well and created a cohesive branded experience. We have followed the same theme and pattern in logo and website design. The visual and digital identity is now ready and best communicates the simplified brand pitch for the event.

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