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Kiepay is a revolutionary crypto asset trading platform in India. It’s a decentralized platform to trade digital assets with real assets. Kiepay is a first of its kind blockchain platform that facilitates a decentralised exchange of virtual goods/services for their real-world counterparts. They were in the pre-ICO stage when they approached Webchirpy for their branding, corporate presentation collaterals and a futuristic web design.


Our designer team spent their vital initial time in understanding the overall concept of Kiepay crypto asset trading with the help of their whitepaper and valuable feedback from their technical team. After intense research and complete understanding of their concept, we arrived at the following design which was instantly liked from the client side and given a solid go-ahead for the project. Our UX team has done a great job in reducing the complexity of the trading process involved into a fun-filled and easily seizable animated web flow which even a layman could understand just as the client had expected. Our designer team suggested sticking with blue shades to comply authenticity and trustability which is reflected throughout the branding & web design.


The client needed a logo that defines authenticity, safety and familiarity. They were also in need of a website which explains their complex behind the screen trading algorithms in a trouble-free and enthusiastic way.


Kiepay Block chain-1
Kiepay Block chain-2
Kiepay Block chain-3
Kiepay Block chain-4
Kiepay Block chain-5

Kiepay Block chain-6
Kiepay Block chain-7
Kiepay Block chain-8
Kiepay Block chain-9
Kiepay Block chain-10

Kiepay Block chain-11
Kiepay Block chain-12
Kiepay Block chain-13
Kiepay Block chain-14
Kiepay Block chain-15

Kiepay Block chain-16
Kiepay Block chain-17
Kiepay Block chain-18
Kiepay Block chain-19
Kiepay Block chain-20

Kiepay Block chain-21
Kiepay Block chain-22
Kiepay Block chain-23
Kiepay Block chain-24
Kiepay Block chain-25


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