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PyCon India is one of the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language, It is conducted annually by the Python developer community and It attracts the best Python programmers across the country and abroad. We take immense pride to have been the official branding & web design partners of Pycon India for the following years - 2015, 2016 & 2018.


We have designed the brand concept based on rangoli which best represents the tradition of India and also brings in a celebratory mood and positioned the main monument of Hyderabad - Charminar as a cue for the venue. Our designers also best-incorporated number 10 (to mark the 10th successful year) with the Pycon India logo text after several different visualisation & alterations to come-up with the best possible outcome that clients are more than happy about. We have designed the overall theme & flow of the website which is easy to explore around and book tickets from a user point of view and also exhibit a celebratory mood which we achieved through the subtle use of animations, colours & objects.


As Pycon India is entering their successful 10th year (2018), they want their branding to have something which signifies the following 1) 10th year 2) India 3) Event Location - Hyderabad 4) Celebratory mood

Concept Exploration

PyCon 2018 Branding-1
PyCon 2018 Branding-2
PyCon 2018 Branding-3
PyCon 2018 Branding-4
PyCon 2018 Branding-5

Logo Variations

PyCon 2018 Branding-6
PyCon 2018 Branding-7
PyCon 2018 Branding-8
PyCon 2018 Branding-9
PyCon 2018 Branding-10


PyCon 2018 Branding-11
PyCon 2018 Branding-12
PyCon 2018 Branding-13
PyCon 2018 Branding-14
PyCon 2018 Branding-15

Website Design

PyCon 2018 Branding-16
PyCon 2018 Branding-17
PyCon 2018 Branding-18
PyCon 2018 Branding-19
PyCon 2018 Branding-20

PyCon 2018 Branding-21
PyCon 2018 Branding-22
PyCon 2018 Branding-23
PyCon 2018 Branding-24
PyCon 2018 Branding-25


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