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AltF Coworking provides affordable co-working space solutions to freelancers, startups in Delhi-NCR region. The platform aims to motivate people to share workspace as well as resources and save their time and money. Read more about AltF on Yourstory.


As this was a re-designing project, the client had given us clear set of ideas & instructions which would shape the likely outcome of the project. Our real challenge here was to understand the client’s exact expectation and to come-up with maximum possible variants within a constrained set of boundaries which involved several brainstorming and sketching sessions through which we were eventually able to achieve the expected upshot.


AltF approached us for their logo re-design and branding. They wanted their logo to be vibrant, bold and somehow convey the concept of spaces (more like rooms) or coworking.

Logo Exploration

AltF Branding-1
AltF Branding-2
AltF Branding-3
AltF Branding-4
AltF Branding-5


AltF Branding-6
AltF Branding-7
AltF Branding-8
AltF Branding-9
AltF Branding-10

AltF Branding-11
AltF Branding-12
AltF Branding-13
AltF Branding-14
AltF Branding-15

AltF Branding-16
AltF Branding-17
AltF Branding-18
AltF Branding-19
AltF Branding-20

AltF Branding-21
AltF Branding-22
AltF Branding-23
AltF Branding-24
AltF Branding-25


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