#Twitter280Characters — How its killing tweeple’s user experience.



#Twitter280Characters — How its killing tweeple’s user experience.

140 characters used to be the trademark of twitter but it ain’t anymore. A vast majority of Twitter is clearly seen to be in rage against this new 280 characters, we wonder who asked for this thing.

Here are some-Then & Now proofs that the new 280 is incurring more damage than good to user experience in twitter.



Words were used less, precise choices were made. 140 characters limit made people think before they type anything.(Exactly, What the world needed.)

Even if you had ever wanted to share more words to express your emotion or the worst-case, you were a celeb who owed an apology, there were always options for tweet threads & notes.


The John Carney Apology tweet

tbh,There is no more fun in words selection. 280 characters ruined it. (Characters : 70)


I don’t know why twitter added 280 characters limit while previous one was really good. I used to like that a lot, even my mom used to like. This 280 thing really sucks. I don’t know what to type anymore to get to that limit. Still couldn’t reach that limit, even with this. (Characters : 274)

Famous tweet on Jack Dorsey — CEO & Cofounder of Twitter by Caitlin Kelly


Now, Twitter allows more space for hate words & threats. One doesn’t need more words to greet/congratulate — A simple sentence & an apt emoji would do the job. According to psychology, when you express your anger you set yourself loose, there is no control over it. Twitter has done a good job in opening the gates for that.

It’s all gonna be paragraphs & blog posts. Even expect some bedtime stories & lame jokes in your TL.



Used in right amount & right context.


Looking more like shitty Whatsapp forwards. Scroll fast.




140 character limit was the Ultimate Guardian that was preventing us from hashtag over usage & spamming.


God save us from these #hashtags.

Conclusion :

There are some sane people who put to use these characters wisely or doesn’t use it at all, unfortunately, these kinds of people can be hand-picked in this vast internet community, where the other kind prevails. So, there is a real need for some restrictions & limits like our good old 140 characters to make the user experience of Twitter great again. #bringback140

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