7 Reasons Why Your Business Need A Mobile App In 2017

7 Reasons Why Your Business Need A Mobile App In 2017

Mobile is no more “the future of web”, it’s actually happening right now, it’s the present. Mobile apps have unreservedly overtaken us when it comes to accomplishing our own personal tasks, entertainment, news and communication space to a point where the term “personal” has started to resonate more with mobile phones than with computers.

If you want your brand/business to have the right personal connection with your customers then be on the right platform, if you aren’t by now, you are really missing out a lot of business opportunities. Mobile apps have immense potential to explore this space to make the personal connection with your customers.

Let’s explore more.

Mobile apps as a review platform &  complaint forum

In-app complaint forums greatly reduce the frustration and time involved in the process of customer data collection and tracking. Any complaint can be resolved internally and effectively without having the need for the customer to send an e-mail which often end-up in filing a complaint through social media accounts thereby ruining the brand reputation. Mobile apps can also be used as an engaging platform to obtain valuable reviews and feedback which runs your business these days.

Stay ahead of your competition with  push notifications

Having an app enables you to use ‘mobile push notifications’, which will put you way ahead of a chunk load of emails in your customer’s inbox. Having an app will also greatly reduce your complete dependency on third-party tools (such as Google analytics, Facebook insights, etc) for your business data analysis and promotions. You can also track a user’s priority, preferences, location which your conventional websites won’t tell you. By use of mobile geo-tagging, small-businesses can decrease their marketing spend, narrow their focus and deliver targeted ads to consumers at the right time and place.

Be future ready

Through your mobile app, you can gain access to camera, sensors, biometrics which your website can’t provide. The best example for making use of mobile sensors for business is Apple Pay wherein they use fingerprint scanning (Touch ID) & facial recognization (Face ID) technology to authorise transaction and payment.  Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality markets are on the verge of an outbreak, which will open up a whole new world of possibilities in a mobile app.

Early bird catches the worm

You may need an app in the near future, but by the time to move to the mobile apps space, it may take time for you to get a 1000 new people to download and signup. But if you start today with the right content and promotions, you will possibly be able to reach your goals, which is reaching out to old and new customers when your competitors are just entering the apps market.

Let me tell you the story of Whatsapp and Hike. Both are messaging apps, Whatsapp has become a brand in the global instant messenger market.

Many people know about Whatsapp, but they don’t know about Hike messenger. Hike clearly has more advanced features like offline chat, 2-way wallpaper, better security, larger content sharing, free SMS and some dope stickers. But still, Hike is trying very hard to acquire new customers. Unlike Whatsapp, which spends zero dollars on promotion, Hike runs several promotions and reward facilities to attract customers, these customers are not newbies to messaging app, they are the ones who are already using Whatsapp and reluctant to change to a new or even a better app in this case since they are accustomed to Whatsapp.

Whatsapp was launched in 2009 and hike was properly funded in 2013. “An early bird catches the worm”, is right most of the times in the app industry. Better start as early as you possibly can, there is nothing that can go wrong with it.

Providing value through mobile apps

There are several smartphone-based loyalty programs which are highly action provoking and exhibit a high percentage of customer retention. You can send SMS to customers’ mobile number acquired during app sign-up, to encourage app usage and purchases. For instance, the SMS containing promo code & offer codes that you receive every day is the best example of a smartphone-based loyalty program that encourages customers to take instant action.

Mobile apps – The  sleeper cells of productivity

Utilize the laziness of users, apps are commonly used instead of web just because it’s right there, a touch away when you need it, there is no need to for us to go through the tiring task of opening  the browser, loading the search engine, typing the name, going through searches, clicking on a website and waiting for it to load, every time. Apps are like sleeper cells, they may not be used every day and can even lie dead for months but when the necessity arises for the user it serves its very purpose – for ex: Travel booking apps like- Redbus, Cheapflights, Ixigo, Make my trip, etc.

Limit the options

Never give the opportunity for your competitors to steal your deal. Let me give you a real-life example, say I would like to order food from ABC restaurant, I would open an app like Zomoto or Swiggy to place the order but the moment I open the app, I would be mugged by lip-smacking images of food from various restaurants. I will more likely be distracted from my original intention of ordering food from ABC restaurant and I would end up ordering food from XYZ  if their ad images were more attractive or just for the sake of trying something new. Here comes the classic – “If only” scenario, If only I had ABC restaurant’s app on my mobile, the story would have been entirely different.

This is where every small business needs to concentrate – stop giving away your precious customers to your competitors and start retaining the customers in every existing way possible.

Remember, loyal customers are nothing but those customers you managed to retain over time, and mobile apps will prove to be of great help when it comes to retaining your customers and growing your brand identity.


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