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Manmojee is a lifestyle brand that brings products that are colourful and innovative. The idea behind the brand was to break the stereotype of bright, beautiful, fun colours being solely a woman’s domain. They don’t want men to be left behind (equality rocks!). Hence they want to offer the chance to explore the Manmojee in all through colours.


Manmojee requires a great deal of quality branding and brand identity. They wants a figurative logo design and the human mind should be able to recognise it. Also they need to deliver a better user experience than mere socks in a box. They need all the collaterals with best designs.


Our Team developed creative elements and consult on spatial design to create an atmosphere that projects Manmojee Brand bold and cheerful aesthetic. Our designer team went through quite a few renditions of the logo.The logo was very important because the brand mark in this industry carries a great deal of weight. We had 6 different figurative logo that our team voted on. In the end client chose this one as the official brand logo. After several mockups client finalized the colour and typography. Then our team proceeded with designing collaterals like business card,Posters,Brochure,socks tag,boxes. We facilitated uniquely genuine experiences by our designs to our client.

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