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Leon Beer


Food and Beverage


When Leon Beer approached Webchirpy, they had a clear vision to amplify their social media presence and engage their existing audience while attracting new ones.


The client wanted posters for product launches, tips & facts, events and general. But simply posting them on social media wouldn't cut it. We needed to transform these static visuals into engaging and shareable content that resonated with Leon Beer's audience across different platforms. Leon Beer desired social media content that was true to its brand identity but also adaptable to different platforms and content formats. Webchirpy needed to strike a balance between brand consistency and platform-specific nuances.


We didn't just create the posters; we built stories around them. We created short engaging posters, highlighting the product, brewing process, and the stories behind the brand. We tailored the content for each social media platform. For Instagram, we used eye-catching visuals and catchy captions. For Facebook, we leveraged the longer format for informative posts. Our work for Leon Beer demonstrates the power of creativity and platform-specific content in driving social media engagement and building brand loyalty. By overcoming the challenges of turning static visuals into dynamic content, breaking through the noise, and maintaining brand consistency, Webchirpy helped Leon Beer capture the hearts and minds of its audience.

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