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iTinker is on the path of skilling the next billion. Providing young minds with all the tools and guidance required to excel in their skills. With a mission to build a social learning ecosystem that is secure, open, transparent, and easily adaptable to its environment.


Creating a website for iTinker wasn't just about building a digital storefront it was about capturing the essence of its mission and translating it into an impactful online experience. We needed to tell their story in a way that resonated with young learners, parents, and potential investors, highlighting the impact they make. We needed to design a website that established iTinker's credibility, showcasing their expertise, team experience, and proven track record in skill development. The website has to be accessible and user-friendly for learners of diverse backgrounds and abilities.


We used powerful visuals, and user-generated content to bring iTinker's mission to life. Interactive elements like skill maps and success stories allowed users to explore the platform's potential and connect with the impact it creates. The website was designed for intuitive navigation and accessibility. Also, we implemented clear calls to action and incorporated assistive technologies to cater to diverse needs. We dedicated sections to showcase iTinker's team of educators, the curriculum development process, and impact metrics. This transparency established trust and credibility, assuring users of the platform's quality and commitment to excellence.

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