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Vayah Vikas






Vayah Vikas is a not-for-profit organization based in Bengaluru that is driven by the philosophy of "by the seniors, for the seniors, of the seniors". The platform is focused on giving older adults charge of their wellness & well-being & opportunities for productive engagement so that they can build dignified lives.


Branding an organization like Vayah Vikas presented unique challenges. We at Webchirpy, faced the task of creating a brand identity that resonated with a diverse senior audience while remaining distinct within the crowded landscape of non-profit organizations. We needed to strike a delicate balance in conveying a sense of trust. Additionally, the visual language needed to be inclusive and welcoming.


Webchirpy is proud to have partnered with Vayah Vikas to create a brand that truly reflects its mission and values. We believe that our branding has played a significant role in the organization's success, and we are committed to helping Vayah Vikas continue to empower senior citizens in Bengaluru and beyond.

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