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ECLATMAX, led by a Harvard Business School alumnus, focuses on holistic transformation at both the organizational as well as individual levels. It provides Corporate Training solutions by leading Trainers, Subject Matter Specialists, Academicians and Industry Experts and also Executive Coaching solutions enable the organization to develop an exceptional support system.


Eclatmax wanted a website that could cater to their clients.The theme, the content and overall site architecture had to be revamped completely to create a better impact and for better brand awareness. They came to us with a pretty clear head, they knew exactly what they wanted, they just needed the right people to do it. They provided our team with a thorough explanation of their business.


our team crafted a website that had a balanced theme and content with more illustrations.Our team devised a user-friendly information driven site that added value to the brand’s overall conversion rates. The final design that we ideated for Eclatmax was well-received by the clients and customers alike.

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