10 Undeniable Facts How Websites Influence Business Growth

business website


business website

Data is the new everything. Do you have it? Companies are moving from predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics with the hope of acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers with data that’s already available to them. If you’re a small or medium business owner relying on selling your products online only through e-commerce platforms, here are ten undeniable reasons why you should invest in building a website for your business immediately.

1. Owning a professional business website is a no-brainer if you’re keen on building brand equity.

2. Having a standalone website will let you add valuable content that will not only help prospective customers but also your business when it comes to ranking in Google search results (SEO). Have a video blog on your standalone website. Update it regularly. From customer reviews to how your products are built, it will help you bond with the customers on a different level. It is as important as being on Facebook, Twitter and other media platforms.

3. Even if you are an online seller, spending money on building your own website will be a canny investment. Owning a website will make you look authentic and reliable. Shameless plug: We build kickass standalone websites for businesses. We love branding.

4. Your seller platform can be tightfisted when it comes to data. When you become data hungry to grow your own business empire, your standalone website will provide the data you’re looking for to work with. Needless to say, data is everything these days.

5. Most of the reputed e-commerce sites have a cap on the quantity that’s very limiting per order. This the last thing you want to do — telling your customers how much they can buy. Having a professional business website will come handy when a customer wants to buy, say 100 units of your product in one go.

6. You can run your own promotional offers that are particularly tailored to your frequent buyers. In order to do that, you need customer purchase pattern, which will become available to you only if you own a professional business website.

7. If you are on more than one selling platform, you can collate customer feedback on your business website — this will immensely help your clients with their decision-making process.

8. Owing a professional business website will allow you experiment with new design concepts and landing page ideas with at most freedom. You can also run several A/B tests (also known as split testing) to compare two versions of a web page or an app against each other to determine which version performs better.

9. If you’re a B2B business service provider like us, well, testimonials are where you can score. All joyful customer journeys are meant to be told.

10. Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of data. By not owning a website, you’re letting those e-commerce giants have it all. Take control of your business today by building a website for your products.

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